Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mind Reading Magic Tricks (part 1 of 2)

Can we really read the person’s mind? No but when you perform magic tricks, anything is possible so lets discuss some of them.

The first magic mind reading trick is called name of the dead. For this you will need a sheet of paper and three volunteers. You tear the paper into three pieces and tell two of the participants to write on each sheet the name of a person who is still alive. The third person will be instructed to write the name of someone who has already passed on.

Take note that when you cut the paper into three pieces, the top and bottom will have only one rough edge while the one in the center will have rough edges on both sides. To make people believe you can read their minds, all you have to do is give the center piece to the one who will write the name of the person who is already dead.

To make people believe that you can do this, you tell them to drop the three pieces of paper into a hat which is resting on the table or raised above your head. You then put your hand in the hat and simply feel the paper which has the rough edge and then take it out.

To build the suspense, put that piece of paper on your forehead to make them think you are sure about the sheet of paper you picked. You then give this paper to the one who wrote on the paper that has the rough edges.

The next mind reading trick is called famous names. For this, you will need to get 10 famous names from the audience and then write these down on a separate card. They are mixed and then you make a prediction of the name written on the card which will be checked by someone from the audience.

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