Friday, November 27, 2015

Bonding During a Lake Tahoe Vacation (part 1 of 2)

Going on a trip with your family is supposed to give everyone a chance to bond and what better way to do that but to go on a Lake Tahoe vacation.

Lake Tahoe which is in the northern part of California has a lot to offer to its visitors. It was once host to the winter Olympics and to this day, is considered to be one of the best skiing destinations in the world.

To enjoy the snow, you can choose from one of seven ski resorts. You can even rent their equipment if you did not bring your own. Some of these places even give lessons to beginners and have other activities for you to enjoy such as snowboarding, tubing and riding a snowmobile.

Another family bonding activity you can do with your family is hiking. Lake Tahoe has hundreds of trails to choose from and some of these are short while others are long. Take for instance the hiking trail at Eagles Lake. This one is 2 mile long and you have to cross a steel footbridge to get from one end to the other. You can hike alone or hike with a guide.

You can also go biking since there are trails in and around the city. These are maintained by the Tahoe City Public Utility District and Caltrans fund. The best part is that these are all paved so you won’t have that much difficulty expect perhaps when you are going uphill. You can rent bikes from various shops around the lake.

Fishing is another activity you can do with your family. You can do this in lakes that are open all year round like in the Boca Reservoir, Donner Lake, Lake Tahoe, the Prosser and the Stampede Reservoir.

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